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MP3 Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample meets the celebrated cosmologist Max Tegmark to discuss his latest book, Our Mathematical Universe. In an extended interview, Max talks about our scientific understanding of the structure of the …

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Valley of the Digital Dolls: How MakieLab Creates Ultra-Personalised Action Figures (Wired UK)

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Technology Trend – The team at MakieLab are taking on the might of Barbie and Moshi Monsters with MAKIES: 3D-printed dolls with a virtual world to explore.Desigining a MAKIE starts with a digital model created on the site. Customisation is key — there are 19 adjustable sliders affecting facial features that cover jaw size, eye shape, nostril width and more. That digital model then gets printed out in 3D near MakieLab’s London office, using selective laser sintering — a process whereby a laser melts layer after layer of nylon powder into a replica of the digital model. The hair, eyes and clothes are added and the pieces put together to create a unique toy. “It’s the same material used to make Formula 1 car parts,” says cofounder and COO Jo Roach. … Read more

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