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MP3 Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample meets the celebrated cosmologist Max Tegmark to discuss his latest book, Our Mathematical Universe. In an extended interview, Max talks about our scientific understanding of the structure of the …

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The Top-Secret Google Glass Foundry: Finally We Get a Look Inside (Read Write)

Submitted by on February 19, 2013 – 9:43 pm

Technology Trend – Remember that top secret Google Glass Foundry event? You know, the one for developers for Google’s cool new augmented reality (AR) glasses? The one with the ultra-strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that we’d heard nary a peep out of since the second half of the event wrapped up at the beginning of this month? On its Google+ Developers account, the company that fully intends to whisk us all into a wearable future of computing just gave us a little peek at what went down at the San Francisco and New York Google Glass hackathons. … Read more

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