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MP3 Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample meets the celebrated cosmologist Max Tegmark to discuss his latest book, Our Mathematical Universe. In an extended interview, Max talks about our scientific understanding of the structure of the …

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To Make EVs Cost Effective, Make Them Part of the Grid (Fast Company Co.EXIST)

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Technology Trend -The idea of “vehicle to grid” (V2G) is to use electric cars as a grid back-up resource, reducing the need for dirty “peaker stations,” and providing owners with a little extra cash. But the concept could also help offset the currently high cost of EVs against conventional vehicles. The Pentagon recently announced a $20 million program to lease 500 EVs at six of its installations. The EVs, which include passenger cars, trucks, and buses, will cost between $30,000 to $100,000, but supply as much as $7,300 a year in power back to the grid, potentially making EVs a more reasonable investment. … Read more

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