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Origins of Materials and Processes . By John Delmonte. Technomic Publishing Company.

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Origins of Materials and Processes

by John Delmonte

Lancaster: Technomic Publishing Company, 1985

The career of John Delmonte has spanned half a century, closely paralleling the years of man’s greatest advances in materials science. As a materials engineer, his major career achievements have centered on the ever-expanding technology of modern-day plastics. These achievements include numerous patents, awards, and publications.

Books which bear John Delmonte’s name includeMetal Filled Plastics — Reinhold Publishing Company;Plastics in Engineering (three editions) — Penton;Plastics Molding — Wiley & Sons; Technology of Adhesives — Reinhold; Technology of C/G Fiber Composites — Van Nostrand Reinhold; and now, Origins of Materials and Processes — Technomic Publishing Company, Inc.

Mr. Delmonte has been active both as member and officer in many professional societies, including California Institute of Technology Associates, Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Plastics Hall of Fame (elected 1976), The Society of the Plastics Industry, Society of Plastics Engineers, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, where he is a Fellow, American Chemical Society, American Society for Testing Metals, Rotary International, Adventurers Club, Plastics Pioneers, and the Explorer’s Club (New York City).

Now Chairman of the Board of Delsen Testing Laboratories in Glendale, California, Mr. Delmonte was formerly president of Furane Plastics, Inc., in Los Angeles. He earned his B.S. degree at New York University, College of Engineering, and an M.S. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a Certificate in Archaeology from UCLA, 1984. His early career was in research at The Naval Aircraft Factory, Philadelphia; Sunbeam Electric Company in Chicago; and The Plastics Industries Technical Institute in Los Angeles. His career as president of Furane Plastics covered twenty-five years, during which time he built Furane into one of the leading specialty plastic resin companies in the world.

The last few years have permitted Mr. Delmonte and his wife, Janet, more time to devote to research and writing, directed particularly towards identifying materials resources throughout the world, and the processes which introduced them into our cultural activities. The Delmontes have traveled to rarely-visited areas all over the world, including the Burma/China border, the Stone Forest near Kunming, as well as more accessible sites all over Europe, the Near East, and Australia, where they examined aboriginal cave art. Their travels reflect the emphasis in Origins of Materials and Processes on how all of the early material resources were employed by prehistoric man — and the use of modern age dating techniques to establish temporal relationships with today’s society.

As he has devoted the first fifty years of his live to the advancement of materials science, so does John Delmonte now devote his efforts to addressing the many questions concerning the source of materials, how these materials were first used and by whom, and how they have been altered by man.”

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